Our Funeral Plans

Plan Outline

How the Aboriginal Community Funeral Plan works

The Plan has been designed to help with these expenses and to help families avoid the stress and hardship at a time of sadness and grief.

The payout the Plan is able to make is because of a group insurance policy which the Plan has obtained from an insurer.

The Plan is open to persons who at the time that the application is made are under 70 years of age.

The Plan is able to offer benefit amounts from $4,000 to $15,000. The benefit amount available for each person will depend on the person’s age, health and their personal requirements. When a benefit amount between $8,000 and $15,000 is chosen, these amounts are reached over a period of time.

With all new applications there is a 10 Business Day Cooling Off Period where we will not take any payments. This gives the applicant time to read through all of the information that they receive and to phone if they have any questions.


Payments are made fortnightly, which makes it affordable and easy to fit in with most budgets. These payments can be made by Direct Debit from a bank account or via Direct Deposit into our account. In 2016 we will also be offering our members and plan holders a new method of payment through the B-Point System. This works similarly to Direct Debit but we debit your account through your Visa or MasterCard Debit Cards.

Once a person has become a Plan Holder, their plan is available for as long as they want it and as long as payments continue to be made.

Quick Payouts

The Plan prides itself on its record of paying out claims quickly and efficiently with a minimum of paperwork required. Our experienced claims staff are skilled in dealing with grieving family members and are often commended for their understanding and sympathy during these trying times.

Being a Plan Holder and Nominee with the Plan, offers peace of mind, dignity and respect, as well being able to have the funeral you want or being able to be taken back to your home town.

The Plan does not organise the actual funeral. Your family does this on your behalf, so you can have the funeral of your choice. The Plan will however liaise with the Funeral Director on behalf of the family, if that is their wish.

To assist in relieving the stress, the Plan will make the payout available as soon as possible to make it a little easier for the family. In most cases, the Funeral Director costs are paid first with the balance of the payout amount, if any, available for ‘related expenses’ which may include travel or clothing costs for family members to attend the funeral or the expenses incurred with providing a wake. The Plan will make payment for these ‘related expenses’ once receipts have been received.

Of course there are some occasions where the Plan may not be able to make a payout. If the plan has missed 4 or more payments or has been cancelled, a payout cannot be made. The Plan does not make a payout if a nominee commits suicide or passes away as a result of intentional self injury. In these circumstances the payments that have been made for that nominee will be refunded (up to an amount equal to but not more than the payout amount would have been).