Update regarding Centrepay PaymentsDecember 14, 2016


Phone ACBF now on 1800 622 924

The Department of Human Services has successfully appealed the decision of Justice Logan to the Full Federal Court of Australia regarding our use of the Centrepay service.
This means that from 17 February 2017, our customers will no longer be able to pay for their funeral insurance through Centrepay. 

It is important to note that the Full Court decision is not a criticism of ACBF, or its business or products. The Full Court’s reasons do not criticise ACBF’s behaviour in presenting and providing its products, and focus purely on the interpretation of the law governing the administration of the Centrepay service by the Department of Human Services.

However, the sad result of this is that thousands of people will have their funeral cover cancelled and their peace of mind erased, simply because this government insists it can tell our Indigenous Australians how they can spend their money and what should be important to them.

While we are bitterly disappointed at the outcome of the government’s appeal, we always have and will continue to fight for the rights of our customers. Following Justice Logan’s decision, we were inundated with requests to restart payments for our products via Centrepay, as opposed to other methods of payment that do not match Centrepay’s ease and convenience and create further financial risks for customers. However, since the government’s appeal, we have been swamped with complaints by customers who have begun to experience the issues we had forecasted to the government.

The objective of Centrepay is to assist Customers in managing expenses which are consistent with the purposes of their welfare payments, and reducing financial risk. Our funeral insurance products reduce financial risk by providing certainty of cover and a payout from the first payment – other products, like pre-paid funeral funds, require years of savings which may ultimately be futile in the event a customer passes away before saving enough for a funeral.

We are again very disappointed in the criticism of our business following the Full Court’s decision, and dismayed by the attitudes of interest groups purporting to represent the interests of our very own customers. We commenced proceedings in the Federal Court to preserve the rights of our plan holders/members – because if the government’s decision stood and our customers’ payments were cancelled, many of our plan holders and members would begin to lose their funeral cover. Unfortunately, as a result of the appeal, this is already happening.

Therefore, if you are or anyone you know is making fortnightly payments to ACBF via Centrepay – please phone ACBF immediately on 1800 622 924, and ensure your loved ones will be buried with dignity and respect.


If you would like more information:

Call 1800 622 924 or Text/SMS 0488 882 223
or email us at

What are Funeral and Related Expenses?January 13, 2016

The payout amount available for a membership or Nominee under a plan can be used for more than just paying the funeral directors account.

The funeral directors account will usually include things like: professional fees, coffin or casket, Minister fees, memorial books and notices in the newspaper. Make sure you ask the funeral director for a full list of what is on their account. Once the funeral directors account has been paid, if part of the payout amount is remaining – it can be used for other “funeral related expenses”, such as:

Travel costs: for family and friends to attend the funeral, this can include air fares, train or bus fares,hire car or petrol costs

Wake Costs: including food, drinks and hall hire

Clothing & Accommodation: for family to attend the funeral

Memorabilia items & Anniversary Celebrations

If you need to know if something would be considered a “funeral or related expense” please phone.

Call 1800 622 924 or Text/SMS 0488 882 223
or email us at


Peter’s TravelsJanuary 16, 2013

Since our last newsletter, the ACBF Companies have also launched the new Company van which carries the logo and details of how a person can contact our office.Peter and the van have both been kept busy travelling to various towns and communities around Australia, including:

Queensland: Kingaroy, Dalby & Toowoomba

Western Australia: Perth, Kwinana, Rockingham, Mandurah, Bunbury, Narrogin, Katanning & Tambellup.

New South Wales: Inverell, Moree, Tenterfield, Bundarra, Emmaville, Tingha, Ashford, Boggabri, Narrabri, Pilliga, Walgett, Brewarrina, Bourke, Coraki, Coffs Harbour, Nambucca Heads, Bowraville and through to Port Macquarie & Kempsey.

Have you seen Peter and the van driving around your town?

Do you want to see Peter and the van in your town?

If you do, phone the office so we can include your town in Peter’s travels for 2013

Freecall 1800 622 924
or email us at

Do you remember all of the details about your Membership or Plan?January 16, 2013

Are you a Member of Fund 1 or Fund 2?


Are you a Plan Holder and Nominee under the Plan?

The purpose of your membership of Fund 1 or Fund 2 and your plan is to make a payout available for your funeral and related expenses.

As long as the membership or plan payments are up-to-date a payout will be made when that person passes away.

Yourself and family members may each have a different type of membership or plan, which means that there are some details and rules that may be different.

Please phone us if you may have forgotten some of these details and rules or if you:

  • are unsure of what type of membership or plan you have
  • would like a Customer Service Representative to explain the details and rules of your membership or plan
  • are unsure what payout amount is available for your membership or plan
  • need to check who in your family has a membership or plan
  • would like a new copy of your membership or plan paperwork
  • need to change your address or phone number or any other detail on your  membership or plan
  • have other family members who would like to apply for a plan

You should let your family, and the person you have chosen to be your payee, know that you have a membership or plan.

Your payee or family member will need to know to contact the ACBF Companies when a claim for your funeral and related expenses needs to be made.

The Payee is the person that we will need to speak with during the claim process and who will need to sign paperwork before a payout can be made.

We know a lot of people don’t like to think about funerals. By taking a few minutes now to review your membership or plan, you will be assisting your family with future funeral and related expenses.