Company History

Established for over 20 years

The Aboriginal Community Funeral Plan – or the Plan as we will call it – is based in Coolangatta on the Gold Coast.

The Plan is part of a group of companies – ACBF Group of Companies – that has been providing funeral cover for Indigenous persons around Australia for 20 years.

The ACBF group of companies commenced in the late 1980’s after Aboriginal health workers in the Armidale, NSW, area enquired if it was possible to set up a fund that would help Aboriginal families meet the costs associated with funerals.

Several different funeral fund companies were then set up in the early 1990’s where it depended on your age and health as to which company you were able to join.

Then due to government legislative changes we were unable to join new members to these funds, and therefore a further company was set up, which is the Plan.

The Plan, and all other companies in the group, are proud to be privately owned and run, with no connection to any Government organisation or to any Aboriginal organisation.

The companies have over 25,000 clients across Australia and have been able to help hundreds of families with the funeral and related expenses of a loved one who had taken out funeral cover.